Hanging With Friends Review


After installing Hanging With Friends and setting up your account, there are three easy steps to get you going.

1. Create a game. You can start by playing against a friend using the Facebook integration, you can play against a random opponent, find a friend by their username or play against someone using Pass and Play mode.

2. Build a Word for you opponent to solve. Using the letters provided, just drag them to the tray above. Your word has to be at least four letters, and can’t be longer than eight. It also cannot be a proper name. Once you have a word, just tap Play to send your move.

3. Once your opponent has tried to solve your word, they will send one your way. When it’s ready, you will get the last vowel in the word for free. This will help you get started. Simply tap letters to see if they are part of the secret word. If they aren’t, you’ll get a strike. Your turn is over when you solve the word or run out of strikes. Next, you go back to step 2 and build another word.

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